About Mediabridge

Mediabridge is an engineering and technology company that supports Internet based businesses. We are the source for custom software and system development when you need advanced Web and Internet solutions. We develop tools, provide programming and consulting services, and maintain servers for all types of dynamic website publishing. We also offer project management and design consulting for both wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN).

< Develop > Software, Tools, Applications
Our skilled programmers can develop custom systems, applications, and tools to fit your business and publishing needs. Through years of experience in creating systems for commerce on the World-Wide-Web, we've developed crucial skills to handle high-volume, real-time, and database driven web sites.

< Design > Networks, Databases, Web Systems
At Mediabridge, we can design and implement the software, hardware, networks, and database architecture to support your business on The Internet. Our experienced systems administrators and programmers offer extensive knowledge of current technologies, insuring the most effective design for your specific business needs.

< Deliver > Internet Presence and Connectivity
Mediabridge hosts, houses and maintains servers for clients developing advanced websites.


Mediabridge is a diverse team of visionaries who have been working, researching and playing on the Internet for years. Our team is composed of engineers whose talents range from commercial software development to large-scale systems administration. Only days after the release of WWW software, and long before our team became a company, we began working together on designing, programming and building The Paperless Guide to New York City (http://www.ny.com/) in early 1994. Spurred by public encouragement for our free guide, we incorporated in 1994 and began accepting WWW projects from a wide variety of companies. We have been building computer tools and systems for electronic publishing since.

Clients / Publications

We have worked with clients in a variety of industries including: Investment Banks, Local City Guides, Publishing Houses, Entertainment & New Media, Real Estate, Ad Agencies, and Web Design companies.

Investment Banks
& Real Estate:
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Discover
JP Morgan
John Hancock
Real-Estate Online
& Advertising:
National Hockey League
Bottle Rocket, Inc.
Enter The Zone
DDB Needham
Publishing: Bartleby, Inc.
Routledge N.Y. Online
Center for New Media
Hearst New Media
Disney's Hyperion Books
City Guides: NY.Com
SF Access Guide
Web Design: Rare Medium
Obj.X Inc
Digital Image Design Inc. (DID)
Method Five
Other clients include: ReturnMe.Com
Media & Beyond
Urban Data Solutions
Little Ones
The Scope Gallery

Partners / Affiliates

Mediabridge's engineers specialize in designing and developing custom software for your company's specific applications. We work with the following partners and affiliates to meet all of our clients' needs including database development, web design, web hosting and related services, and on-site systems administration.

Our various New York offices are no longer open, so correspondence should be sent to our San Francisco office:

Mediabridge Infosystems Inc.
PO Box 170547
San Francisco, CA 94117-0547

The following addresses are no longer open 225 Lafayette St., 19 West 21st St., or 56 West 22rd St.

Email Addresses:
Corporate Info: corp-info@mediabridge.com
General Info: info@mediabridge.com
Sales: sales@mediabridge.com
Operations: mb-ops@mediabridge.com
Resumes: resume@mediabridge.com

Thank you for your interest in Mediabridge Infosystems, Inc. Please feel free to contact us for your projects and software needs.

Unsolicited email: ndkatt@mediabridge.com

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