Custom Programming

Mediabridge's software engineers do the "heavy lifting" for you. We can design and develop custom software for your company's specific applications. We are also familiar with today's leading technologies and can integrate them, where appropriate, into a custom solution for your business.

Application Types
Web Applications Secure Payment Systems
Web Servers/Modules Volume Publishing
Web Database Solutions Template Systems
User Personalization E-Publishing Workflow
Narrow-Casting Database Design
Ad-Rotation Backend UNIX Servers

The Mediabridge staff works on a project basis, or hourly for smaller sized jobs. Our average job takes 2-5 months to complete, but we are happy to work on a wide range of projects. If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss an RFP (Request for Proposal) please contact our Sales Staff.

Internet Hosting, Colocation, and Connections

Mediabridge offers a full complement of Internet services for businesses ranging from simple website support to dedicated T1 service directly to your own server in our NOC (Network Operations Center.) Our excellent staff can take care of the many technical issues that affect your Web and Internet presence so that you don't have to. Because our services are strictly for businesses like yours, you won't have to share a server or network with hundreds of dial-up users reading email, and our staff is expert in issues of security, credit-card services, and database connectivity.

See our Hosting rate sheet.

< Hosting >
Mediabridge is an excellent choice for hosting your website if you're a business based entirely in the Internet, or if you have special needs which other hosting companies can't meet. We offer access to commercial database systems such as Oracle, several operating systems such as Solaris, commerce solutions such as SSL and credit-card processing, and a variety of other value-added services.

< Colocation >
By placing your computers at our Network Operations Center (NOC) you can rely on our expert staff to maintain your servers. We provide UPS, backup solutions, full-bandwidth T1 access to the Internet, and Firewall protection.

< Internet Access >
Mediabridge can bring the Internet to your business, starting with T1 service at 1.5Mb of dedicated bandwidth up to 10Mb. Our New York City network is connected to the Internet through most major providers, ensuring that you can always reach the Internet. We can also provide T1 local loop service for VPN applications.

Consulting and Systems Administration

Our system administrators can work you on designing and deploying a wide range of computing services including the following:

Design and Planning:
> Custom Programming & Systems Development
> Firewall/Security Planning
> UNIX Systems Administration
> Web Site Hosting/Housing
> Internet Connections
> Network Design
> Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

> Sun Solaris (and SunOS)
> GNU/Linux
> Oracle, Sybase Commercial Databases
> MSQL, Postgres Databases
> Hewlett Packard HPUX

For more information see our Operations Rate Sheet.

Web Site Design

Mediabridge's engineers specialize in designing and developing custom software for your company's specific applications, not designing the graphical look and feel for web sites. We are accustomed to working closely with traditional design companies as technology partners and recommend any of the following companies for design services:

Web Production Media Farm
Interactive Insights Inc.
Video & Web Click 3X

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